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BitDefender Internet Security 2010

Lets me give you review about BitDefender Internet Security 2010. BitDefender Internet Security 2010 keeps up the good work this year with an excellent Internet Security suite. They've kept the solid antivirus and malware protection we've come to expect from them, have improved the interface, and added some new noteworthy features, too. The firewall software compontent is strong and easily managed by the novice or advanced user. A software firewall is a vital first line of defense in any Internet security suite. Spyware and adware detection and protection wasn't quite as good as we'd hoped, but it should still do the job for most people. The user interface has been modernized for 2010, with BitDefender taking a strategy similar to many other antivirus firewall software vendors and providing Novice, Intermediate, or Expert settings. We usually feel like these settings aren't done well, but in BitDefender's case, we feel like they got the settings right.
As for system resource usage, we're glad to see resource usage was very low again this year. Scanning and email protection was solid with only a few exceptions. Parental controls, like most found in antivirus / Internet security software, were average at best. While they can monitor and control most web activities, they leave out social networking sites and chat rooms which are major flaws. Overall, BitDefender Internet Security 2010 does a terrific job at general PC protection.
We expect nothing less from BitDefender, and they deliver as promised. It's still a low-cost, minimum-footprint, powerful antivirus/firewall solution for computer security--especially for what you get.

Antivirus Installation

A standard install wizard will walk you through all the steps needed to install. For a direct download, download time was only about 1 min. During the install, as with the basic BitDefender Antivirus 2010, you'll be asked to choose a profile: Typical, Gamer, Parent, or Custom.

Each of these have different settings according to the needs of each type of user. We found the settings to be logical and appropriately named for what level of protection you get in each mode.

If you're on a home network, the installation will give you settings that allow you to manage other BitDefender products if you have them. This is a very, very handy feature when you've got more than one PC to take care of, as you won't have to manually go to each computer to perform antivirus firewall software maintenance tasks. Very nice.

And, if you're on a laptop, the installation process will install features that help to manage battery power. Definition updates are automatically downloaded with the installation process. The total install took us only about 5 minutes all together.

BitDefender's installation has some different options than you may be used to, but we found them to be most useful and a nice advance in overall process. For instance, BitDefender asks you if you want to reboot or not, but you'll need to do a reboot to get the software to work properly.

It's nice that they give you this option, but you'll want to reboot as soon as possible regardless. 

End, there are installation screenshots:

install 1
install 2

See you.. 

(source: pcantivirusreviews.com)

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  1. Jujur saya belum pernah memakai antivirus ini , akan saya coba. Untuk updatenya apakah mudah untuk dilakukan (offline mode)

  2. @aditx: mending kalo ada koneksi internet, di online mode aja mas? :b:

  3. I try BitDefender online scanning, bcos I don't like to buy. And each time I do scanning, my pc status always fine. I don't know its really work or not. But this anti virus always get 1st position for the best international anti virus.

  4. @anjieya: this anti virus knows always on 1st international AV comparations. but, I never use it.

  5. boleh nih buat temenku yg masih pake windows :)

  6. @jun: silahkan dicoba sob???


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