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Review Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010

Hello blogger friends? Are you fine at to day? Lets me give a important info. Kaspersky brings a new and improved antivirus software to the table this year. As with previous versions, Kaspersky Antivirus 2010 is a powerful, dependable antivirus and antispyware application.
During our testing, Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2010 performed extremely well with only a few deficiencies.
We're very pleased to see that Kaspersky continues year after year to produce one of the best antivirus software options on the market today.
The core antivirus and antispyware features scored very high in our tests, and there was only one area that needs real attention.

 The anti-phishing feature was less than impressive--especially for Kaspersky. Our testing revealed some poor results in this area.
Other than a weak antiphishing feature, Kaspersky's Anti-Virus 2010 is a stellar product. For advanced antivirus and antispyware protection, you can't go wrong with Kaspersky.
And they continue to prove that year after year.
Kaspersky tends to be priced a little higher than most antivirus software; we hope they reduce their price in the near future.
That said, however, we're still very happy with Kaspersky's continued attention to its core suite of virus detection capabilities.

 See you next English post...

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  1. nice info...
    thanks and keep sharing :D

  2. @Ina: thanks for visit also comment... :d:

  3. Saya dah coba kehandalan dari kaspersky ini sob.. makasih atas sharenya ya

  4. Wah review yang bagus sob.. memang anti virus yg satu ini cukup handal juga tuh

  5. @saung web: betul mas? AV satu ini handal juga...
    @Link tea: sama2, saya jg pake yg versi 7 utk di OS "jendela" saya.. kebetulan saya pake linux.


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